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AODD pumps

Astra AODD pumps made of thermoplastic materials


Quantum AODD made of pure materials





These volumetric pumps actuated by compressed air can be operated in hazardous areas or in demanding conditions, are adequate to pump dense, viscous, abrasive, laden with solids, volatile, neutral or chemical liquids.The compressed air actuation circuit is stall and lubricant free; these pumps can run dry, are self-priming and easy to install.

Our AODD pumps with sizes from 1/4” to 4” offer increased flow compared to common pumps of the same size. This translates into an economical advantage for smaller and less expensive pump delivers equal performances or in technical advantage for the same pump, size delivers same performances at lesser strokes per minute with reduced mechanical stress and wear on all parts. For these reasons the user enjoys longer operational life, lesser LCC ( Life Cycle Cost ) less vibration and attenuated noise compared to conventional pumps.