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Argal Catalogs

In this page you will find the updated documentation available in pdf format.

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Heavy duty vertical pumps

KGK | heavy duty vertical pumps

The KGK series Argal pumps are centrifugal and designed for vertical installations. They have column and volute casing submerged, own mechanical support and motor mounted
above the liquid to be pumped. No metal part 
comes into contact with the fluid and not any bolts or nuts are submerged in the liquid. Un- der normal operating conditions, no mechanical sealing systems to prevent leaks of liquid are required while optional vapour seals are foreseen. Designed to pump corrosive chemicals have been engineered down to the smallest details to ensure long operating life and efficiency. Great care was paid to the KGK pumps right from the design board to ease maintenance and corrective operations for the repair crews internal or external to the companies served and for our worldwide net of distributors. The range of KGK pumps foresee three size ranges owing to differ- ent mechanical and hydraulic structure and the main parts subject to maintenance are the same for all the pumps belonging to each dimensional group. 


Sealed self-priming pumps

HIPPO | Sealed self-priming pumps

These horizontal pumps, for their construction, after the first filling, are able to self-primes automatically also with the suction pipe empty and without the re- quirement of the bottom valve.
Particularly suitable for the transfer operations of non-viscous liquids with suction lift up to 5 meters, to be reduced in accordance with their specific weight and value of the vapor pressure. 
Another important use is in the discharge of chemicals from tankers because, in the final phase, there is no risk of dry running. The open impeller construction makes them suitable for the carriage liquids with solids. 


Sealed or sealless pumps

FRONTIERA | Thermoplastic centrifugal pumps

Argal has been manufacturing centrifugal horizontal and vertical pumps in thermoplastic corrosion-resistant resins. This catalogue brings you the new FRONTIERA series of chemical pumps. They have been designed to respond positively to the requirements of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as they can be used for different environmental applications, surface treatments, industrial washing and can handle all other uses of highly corrosive fluids as well. 


Vertical pumps

EQUIPRO | vertical pumps

The pumps of this range (original Argal product) are made in thermoplastic technopolymers; they are close-coupled, vertical axis, with axial hydraulic suction connection, directed downward, and tangential outlet either free or connected to vertical outlet piping. They are specifically designed for pumping corrosive liquids, with particular constructive solutions to guarantee time-life and functionalities.


Mini magnetic drive pumps

BASIS | mini mag-drive pumps

The pumps “TMB” belong to Argal’s BASIS range and feature, single stage, centrifugal impeller and magnetic drive. The range of TMB pumps includes five models to deliver flows from 15 to 70 l/min.