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Argal Catalogs

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Route, thermoplastic centrifugal pumps 2017

ROUTE | Thermoplastic centrifugal pumps

Argalair AODD Catalog 2017 | Argal®

Argalair AODD Catalog | Argal®

Production Program Argal Pumps 2017

Production Program 2017 | Argal®

SATURNSUB - Corrosion Resistan Submersible Pumps in Fiberglass


Argal proposes in this catalog its new WORLD FIRST range of submersible pumps made in Fiberglass (FRP).


The production program of ARGAL is enriched by the new air operated double diaphragm pumps of the range called “ARGALAIR” with the new sizes of 2 “, 3” and 4” in both versions metallic and non metallic FRP composite. This catalogue describes specifically the construction of stainless steel AISI 316L and, on request, of other precious metal alloys. 


ARGALAIR - Non-Metallic Fiberglass AODD PUMPS


Argal proposes in this catalog, the new pneumatic double diaphragm pumps ARGALAIR made of fiberglass (FRP) of the size of 3 “and 4” capable to deliver performance of 1100 and 1300 l/min respectively.

To date the market did not offer any product alike.


solid non-metallic centrifugal pumps

ZGE - solid non-metallic centrifugal pumps

Established as supplier of the galvanic industry the Company ARGAL has been designing and manufacturing pumps in thermoplastic polymers for more than 30 years.
The products turned out to be the best solution for universal resistance of plastic material against chemical aggressive agents without using special alloys that are very expensive.

The Company offers a wide range of pumps in many executions for industrial applications where temperature from -40 °C to 120 °C with flow up to 1000 mc/h and head more than 100 m are required.

The Company’s strategy, concerning the project and the process of production, is closely oriented to research and rigorous quality in order to achieve absolute confidence in the products reliability. The ISO 9001:2000 certificate, obtained in 2002, shows the validity of organizational procedures, the suitability of operative instruments either from design level (using parametric CAD, mechanical analysis GEM and CFD for fluid-dynamic evaluation) and from productive level (numerical control machines, well-equipped assemblying department, modern test room).

The whole process is run by professionals. 


Centrifugal pumps in thermoplastic materials

ROUTE - Centrifugal pumps in thermoplastic materials

In this catalog Argal proposes the range of ROUTE pumps inclusive of magnetical driven serie named TMR embeddin innovative patented technology, and traditional mechanica sealed serie named ZMRARGAL with these series, offers more than competitors complete solutions to pump almost all the chemical liquids aggressive, clean or with solid in suspension included lightl abrasives. 


Fiberglass centrifugal pumps

SATURN - fiberglass reinforced polyester pumps

The Argal pumps of the new range Saturn are centrifugal, single stage and compliant to ANSI/ASME B73.1. Regulation. These pump are manufactured in FRP (fibre reinforced polyester) and do not need a protecting carcass or external frames to reinforce the structure.

Peculiar design and the intrinsic resistance of the material of construction confer to these pumps mechanical resistance comparable to that of the major metallic alloys. Use of dif- ferent formulations of epoxy vinyl ester resins, extend the spectrum of chemical resistance of these pumps that are adequate and resistant to a large number of corrosive and moderately abrasive medias.

The Saturn pumps are a technical and economical alterna- tive to metallic pumps made of special alloys and can be effectively applied in water treatment applications, water games, depuration of civil and industrial waste waters, and in general in productive processes deploying chemicals. 


Self-priming mag-drive pumps

RHINO & ALIFTER - Self-priming mag-drive pumps

In this catalog Argal offers self priming pumps with magnetic drive “Rhino” and “Alifter of TMA serie. The structural parts and pump casings are injection molded reinforced thermoplastic polymers. The internal components are: ceramic oxides, HD carbon, fluorinated elastomers, excluding any metal part in contact with the pumped liquid. Are combinations of materials for maximum performance.