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Argal Catalogs

In this page you will find the updated documentation available in pdf format.

ARGAL reserve the right to make changes at the documentation without notice.

Route, thermoplastic centrifugal pumps 2017

ROUTE | Thermoplastic centrifugal pumps

Argalair AODD Catalog 2017 | Argal®


The complete program of our AODD pumps. The new updated version includes our last pump: the MISTRAL 3" made of UHMW-PE. 


Production Program Argal Pumps 2017

Production Program 2017 | Argal

New updated version including our last pump, the MISTRAL 3" made of UHMW-PE

SATURNSUB - Corrosion Resistan Submersible Pumps in Fiberglass


The World First and Unique submersible centrifugal pump made of FIBERGLASS

Mistral - big size metallic pneumatic pumps

MISTRAL | Big-size metallic AODD pumps

The production program of ARGAL is enriched by the new air operated double diaphragm pumps of the range called “ARGALAIR” with the new sizes of 2 “, 3” and 4” in both versions metallic and non metallic FRP composite. This catalogue describes specifically the construction of stainless steel AISI 316L and, on request, of other precious metal alloys. 


AIRSATURN - Fiberglass AODD pumps

AIRSATURN | Fiberglass AODD pumps

The World First and Unique big-size AODD made of FIBERGLASS


solid non-metallic centrifugal pumps

ZGE | solid non-metallic centrifugal pumps

Established as supplier of the galvanic industry the Company ARGAL has been designing and manufacturing pumps in thermoplastic polymers for more than 30 years.
The products turned out to be the best solution for universal resistance of plastic material against chemical aggressive agents without using special alloys that are very expensive.

The Company offers a wide range of pumps in many executions for industrial applications where temperature from -40 °C to 120 °C with flow up to 1000 mc/h and head more than 100 m are required.

The Company’s strategy, concerning the project and the process of production, is closely oriented to research and rigorous quality in order to achieve absolute confidence in the products reliability. The ISO 9001:2000 certificate, obtained in 2002, shows the validity of organizational procedures, the suitability of operative instruments either from design level (using parametric CAD, mechanical analysis GEM and CFD for fluid-dynamic evaluation) and from productive level (numerical control machines, well-equipped assemblying department, modern test room).

The whole process is run by professionals. 


Self-priming mag-drive pumps

RHINO & ELK | Self-priming pumps

Discover our reversible and turbo self-priming pumps compliant with ATEX standards.



magnetic drive pumps

PRIMA & ELK | magnetic drive pumps

In this catalog Argal proposes the range of PRIMA pumps, magnetical driven, inclusive of centrifugal serie named TMP and the self-priming volumetric execution named TMA of the ALIFTER range. Single stage, close-coupled execution, strongly built through an injection-moulding process and ready to fit normalized motors. Argal operates with ISO 9001:2000 Quality System certified by SQS-IQNet. 



Vertical pumps for heavy duty application

NESK | vertical shaft centrifugal pumps

This range of pumps is designed to circulate medium to large volumesof corrosive liquid through heat exchangers or to supply low pressure liquid surface treatment or washing systems.

NESK pumps are efficient, silent, reliable and require limited preventive maintenance. These characteristics result from specific designing choices as:
- Low speed of the liquid pumped because of large internal volume of casing and connections.
- Rotational speed of the impeller limited to 1450 rpm/min.
- Single mechanical seals or flushed double mechanical seals.

Vertical design makes NESK pumps versatile and easy to install because of compact dimension and limited vertical section. Self centring flanges eliminate the need to manually align coupling parts and ease routine maintenance as repair operation. Vertical installation above the ground limits the exposure of the pump to dust and accidental splashes of industrial liquid preserving it from
premature corrosion.